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(CCC) Campus and Community Coalition to Address High Risk Drinking:

The CCC is a catalyst for community collaboration on issues related to harms from alcohol. It is a collaboration of University, Downtown, and neighborhood partners that work to reduce high-risk drinking and the negative effects that come from this behavior.  All of our attorneys are involved with the CCC to help support students and to be involved with the community at large.  To learn more about this program please visit their website here.

UNC Student Life and Leadership:

The office of Student Life and Leadership coordinates all of the student groups and organizations on campus.  Our office often works with them to provide legal resources to these student groups.  Our director, Fran Muse, advises these students, helps them with tax questions, organizational document drafting, and more.  To learn more about this office please visit the following webpage

Carpe Diem:

Carpe Diem is a 15-hour program specifically designed for college students who have been charged by law enforcement with an alcohol or drug violation and are offered a first offender's deferred prosecution by the District Attorney's Office or are referred to OCPAD.  They offer educational groups that focus on risk reduction, alcohol and drug education, replacement behaviors, stress management and self-awareness.  Our attorneys present at every Carpe Diem program at one of the sessions, giving the legal perspective on alcohol education as well as presenting on "know your rights".  To learn more about Carpe Diem, please visit their website here.

UNC Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life:

The office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is not only our neighbor in the Union, with their office being directly located next to ours, but we also collaborate with them throughout the year.  We often work with them to plan preventative education programs for fraternities and sororities where we focus on underage drinking risks and "know your rights" presentations.  To learn more about this office please visit this link.



The Orange County Pre-Arrest Diversion Program is unique to Orange County and is a program that allows law-enforcement officers to divert low-level misdemeanor offenses away from the criminal justice system.  The goal is to increase community safety and well-being by offering earlier and direct access to interventions and information that reduce the likelihood of recidivism and allow law enforcement to prioritize more pressing public safety issues. Pre-arrest diversion programs are also more effective and less costly than court referrals. In addition, pre-arrest diversion improves community relations with law enforcement, reduces racial disparities, and improves public health outcomes.

Our office is involved with OCPAD in that we help ensure appropriate cases are referred to the program, if eligible, and we also assist in the exit interview process.  Our goal is to minimize the criminal records of our clients and also provide our student's with resources that they may qualify for, and OCPAD is an excellent program that assists with this.

Only certain offenses are eligible for the OCPAD program, to learn more about what may qualify, please visit the link here.


To learn more about the OCPAD program in general, please visit their website here.

Carolina Union:

The Carolina Union is where our office is located, and so we are also very involved with the community and other staff within the Union.  To find out more about the Carolina Union, their offices, or their events please visit their website here.

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